Friday, March 23, 2012

**Update on Carson

Since December we've been hurrying up and waiting (alot) on various doctor's appointments to see what was wrong with Carson's tongue. He was born with a large tongue, but as he got older, it grew substantially larger. In January, we finally got into a pediatric ENT. She immediately thought something was inside of his tongue. So....two weeks later, off to Children's hospital we go. We were so thankful (and very blessed) to be under the care of Dr. Gresham Richtor (a pediatric ENT at Children's who is a lymphatic specialist). Dr. Gresham felt strongly that Carson had "microcystic lymphatic malformations" in his tongue which could not be removed, but instead, would be controlled by shots in his tongue for the rest of his life. He was supposed to receive his first shot last week while he was getting tubes, but his MRI proved something different. Instead, he was diagnosed with "Macrocystic lymphatic malformations" in his tongue and on the floor of his mouth. These are cysts in the tongue that develop because his lymph nodes in his tongue do not function properly. The good news is that it's a better diagnosis than what they originally thought. However, it does require surgery on the side of his tongue and possibly under his chin. Dr. Richtor is hopeful to be able to remove all the cysts and he also said that Carson would have a fully functioning tongue (praise God)! The crazy thing is that these macrocystic cysts have NEVER been found in the tongue before. He said Carson could possibly be a case study. Wow. We head to Little Rock for Carson's surgery on May 8th. He should be in the hospital for 1-2 nights. Please be praying for our little guy. We are so thankful for relief soon and are trusting in God's perfect plan for Carson!