Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Jane & Parker

Parker's other love, besides food, is sweet baby Jane. I think more than anything they enjoy each other because they are the same age and at the same stages...well kind of. Parker isn't crawling, but other than that they have many things in common. Carrie and I meet weekly for accountability and have started taking the kiddos swimming. These are pictures of them swimming in Gigi and Papa Russ's pool. They loved swimming and Parker loved splashing. There is something about babies in swimsuits!


Kristy said...

Those kids are so dang cute! Sure do miss you guys!

Shelli said...

Precious babies! I love them!

Chris & Carrie said...

I'll tell you what, Jane sure does have that swimsuit model pose!

Virginia said...

adorable! i miss you guys! hey, we drove up to New Smyrna Beach last week, what a fun place! We'll definitely be going back.