Sunday, July 13, 2008


This kid keeps us laughing. Today he was pretending to be a soccer player. He gave Patrick the name of "Piso" and me the name of "diva." Where did those names come from? Who knows. He is also trying to avoid taking naps at all. He likes to play on his bed and "pretend." Each day nap time brings a new adventure. Some days he pretends his bed is the Wiggles' big red car and he drives it places. Other days he is a cowboy and he feeds his three horses (Cota, Dusty, and Trot). On Friday he was "Dr. Parker", so when I checked on him I had to refer to him as such. When he is missing his Daddy, he'll ask me to be his "pretend Daddy" and then ask "when will my real Daddy be home." Oh the mind of a two (almost three) year old.

Potty Training:
We're hanging in there...making progress. He is in "big boy underwear" but not without one accident a day. It's a work in progress.

I realized I haven't blogged at all about this pregnancy since we found out we're having a boy. I'll be 33 weeks pregnant tomorrow (I had Parker at 38 weeks). We've decided on the name Griffin Patrick. Parker is really pumped (and so are we)!

We're in and have no boxes left. There is still lots of organizing to be done. We've been doing lots of yard work. We're trying to get things knocked off our to do list before Griffin gets here.


Jim Ed & Amanda said...

Hey Diva! I love the nickname...Definitely better than Big Momma! =)

Har-Ber Needles said...

piso=Spanish for floor.

tell parker de la hoya 'hola' from jaime. :) i see he takes after me in the nickname area. good work, pdk.