Saturday, August 02, 2008

48 pounder

What is big and round, weighs 48 pounds, is sweet and hard to handle?

.....a watermelon of course! My dad gave this to us this week fresh out of his garden. It was absolutely delicious!


Kat said...

Haha...i thought you were going to say Parker!

Amanda said... you remember me? Amanda Cox from Grifton? I think I was a year ahead of you in school. We were in orchestra together? Anyway, I randomly found your brother on Facebook, found his blog, and found YOU!!! (please don't think this is weird) I've thought about your family recently, because our associate pastor is from Arkansas. I'd really like to hear what you are up to. I've got a blog (that needs to be updated *badly*) It's just about my twin boys. They are 2. I'd love to hear more about you and what you've been up to in the last, oh, 14 years.