Sunday, February 22, 2009

Thanks Springdale!

We had a massive pile of limbs from the ice storm....until today. Go Springdale! Way to be on top of it. This entire truck was filled 1 1/2 times just from our yard. Evidently there is a bumper sticker out there that says "Springdale, it's not that bad." I think a more appropriate bumper sticker should be "Springdale, it's pretty darn good." I heart Springdale for a lot of reasons, but especially for their super quick timing of picking up our debris!


Spencer said...

That's great! Of course, FAYETTEVILLE picked up our branches a week ago. Come on, get it together Springdale!

davidcatherinewilson said...

Thanks! I am having fun. I did not design the header. Brandy Foshe did. I can make one but I don't know how to load it. I am still a little blogger challenged. I would love to trade sometime! I love your paintings, I went to your painting blogged and am so impressed.

Amanda Whittaker said...

OK so did you guys call them?! Ours have been out for two weeks and I am convinced is killing the grass in our front yard. The east side of town must have better service. :-)