Sunday, April 19, 2009


We actually started our celebration on good Friday. We went to the Grove and had communion. We spent time in the bible reading scripture with Parker, explaining Jesus's Resurrection. We had a wonderfully wet Easter, thanks to the rain. Patrick woke up early and made some tasty coconut toast and of course there were easter baskets. We went to church and worshiped together as a family (kids were in the service). We then had the McGoodens, Leah & Matt, & Carrie Henry over for our traditional Easter lunch. No easter is complete without an egg hunt, which occurred sometime after the rain.


The Keylors said...

Cute pictures :) I am so glad you got to spend your Easter doing so many neat things as a family...making it all about the Lord. That's awesome Linds.

Are you almost ready for the boutique show?

PS: I need to know more about this coconut toast. It sounds delicious! :)

clayito&mima said...

serious cuteness...we love y'all.