Saturday, August 29, 2009

Go Tiny Titans!

Parker giving coach Jake a high five after his first goal.  I love that smile!

There is a reason I didn't post pics from last week's game.  That's because there were no action shots of Parker.  In his words, he was scared because he didn't want people cheering for him.  After talking through his fear, praying, and practicing, he was a new kid this week!  He loves soccer!  It's so much fun to watch him play.  We are so proud of Parker for overcoming his fear and trying his best!  He scored 3 goals!  Go Tiny Titans!


Aidan and Zachary said...

We are so proud of Parker! Great pictures! Our team is WHAT? Red Hot!!

Waller Family said...

Great to hear that about Parker. I heard he was everywhere. Looked liked Stafford was crying in one of your pictures, Chris failed to tell me about that.