Sunday, April 24, 2011


Easter was very wet! We still trudged through the rain to make it to church...what a beautiful service it was. We talked about how Christ's death for our sins was such a beautiful exchange. Undeserving? Yes, but beautiful nonetheless. I have had the Matt Maher song stuck in my head all day, such beautiful lyrics to capture the essence of Easter:

Let no one caught in sin remain

Inside the lie of inward shame

We fix our eyes upon the cross

And run to him who showed great love

And bled for us

Freely you've bled for us

Christ is risen from the dead

Trampling over death by death

Come awake come awake

Come and rise up from the grave

Christ is risen from the dead

We are one with him again

Come awake come awake

Come and rise up from the grave

Beneath the weight of all our sin

You bowed to none but heaven's will

No scheme of hell no scoffer's crown

No burden great can hold you down


The "W" Family said...

Such handsome boys! I love that song ever since I heard it while visiting your church by the awesome worship band! Such powerful words! Happy Easter.

Curiosities said...

A beautiful family. Congratulations!
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